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Miami IT Consulting


ALT will help you stay ahead with top-of-the-line infrastructure and tools for your business

satisfied-customersWhether you are looking to improve your IT infrastructure or if you need immediate support with your current one, our team of IT consultants can quickly assess your situation and provide you with a long or short term IT consulting services, allowing you to concentrate on the success of your business.

Our goal is to build long term relationship with our clients and we strive towards helping businesses align their activities and IT priorities in a way that makes technology the real competitive advantage.

Our IT Support team will allow you:

  • Reduce and cut cost on operating IT expenses
  • Provide you access to our wide spectrum of internal IT resources, ranging from system administration to website and application developer
  • Improve productivity through knowledge sharing
  • Gain access to vendor support
  • Create a technological edge over competition

Our IT Consulting Services include:

IT services planning and budget forecasting

We can provide you with a long or short term IT consulting service for improving your IT infrastructure or supporting you with your current one. With many years of experience, ALT knows about the difficulties of developing and implementing an IT strategy oriented on business objectives. Therefore we are happy to assist in planning the IT services for your company in order to create a comprehensive IT strategy that goes in line with your business goals and provide you with a detailed budget forecast.

Network Infrastructure

An organization depends on all aspects of daily operation on a network infrastructure. We understand that the communication between a business and their clients is one of the most important aspects for having a successful business with happy customers. By keeping your network infrastructure up-to-date, ALT ensures the communication between users, processes, services, applications and external networks. Therefore we enable the network connectivity, business operations, communications and management of your company's network.

Custom Servers and Storage

ALT will provide you with a customized solution for you server and storage hardware needs. Our technical consultants will gather specifications, locate and connect with a specific vendor to build and deploy the system.

Other IT Services

  • IT security
  • Backup and Disaster recovery
  • Cloud Hosted Solutions
  • Business Continuity planning
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support

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Last updated Jan 27, 2020